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November 8, 2018

Hundreds of people bought tickets for Karachi 'Dirty Night' party: SP Suhaee Aziz

KARACHI:  Authorities recently  took into custody  a man behind a  social media  campaign  aimed at inviting people to a "dirty party". 

The case was discussed on   Geo Pakistan  where Clifton SP  Suhaee Aziz was  the guest on  Thursday. 

The  female police officer told the morning show hosts  Huma Amir Shah and Abdullah Sultan that her department arrested Arslan  for using social media in order to arrange an "immoral party" in the city.

 Emboldened by   the previous dance parties arranged in the past,  Arsalan went on to invite people to  an immoral party against Rs25,000 fee, she said.

Thousands of people were interested in the event while  800 people had paid the fee, according to the SP.

She said while the police do not intend  to encourage moral policing, it won't tolerate   such activities and move against elements  indulging in immoral activities and selling drugs  .

Asked what exactly does she mean by moral policing, she explained that the police  is not allowed to  harass couples by  seeking marriage certificates when they go for outing .

 She said the police also cannot enter a property unless a complaint is filed  and warrant is received.

Sohai Aziz said the citizens  can lodge  their complaints by dialing 15 if they find themselves caught in  such a situation.

When Abdullah Sultan, co-host of the morning show, drew her  attention towards the  problems  people face while contacting the police on 15, the female officer gave a shocking answer that  as many as 10000 calls are  received  on helpline on daily basis of which 9000 are prank calls.

She, however, said the authorities have come out with a solution to  discourage the pranksters. 

She said   anyone making a prank call will  have  to pay a heavy fine as well as losing their outgoing phone service.

Earlier this  month, police acted against Arsalan when he used Facebook page "Dirty Nights" to invite users to attend a  party for indulging in lewd acts .