Stronger together

September 14, 2018

When I can’t imagine buying a shirt without seeking my mom’s or friends’ advice....


When I can’t imagine buying a shirt without seeking my mom’s or friends’ advice, how can entrepreneurs run businesses without guidance?

No matter what stage you are in as an entrepreneur, you need support of other entrepreneurs to move forward and run business successfully. We all know professional jealousy exists and people choose to be secretive when it comes to giving advice, but don’t forget there are also people who genuinely care about what you’re doing, and are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Rahima Noor, a 21-year-old BBA student, started her online businesses, PopUp Box and Funkie Junkie Studio, in 2017; she only had a friend by her side. As her business grew, she realized she couldn’t do it all alone because entrepreneurship is more than just coming up with an idea and selling it. You have to be good at communication and marketing; you must know how to use social media effectively; you should know how to carry out researches to understand your customer base. Today, running a business is a lot more challenging!

So, introducing a Facebook support group “Bright Business Beginnings” at this point in time was a great idea! Rahima learned in order to perfect her business skills she must surround herself with supportive entrepreneurs. After all, no one understands the ups and downs, the struggles and triumph, the joys and the pain, better than other entrepreneurs.

She shares how her group can bring young entrepreneurs together and create learning opportunities for them...

About Bright Business Beginnings

“You can call it a platform where people interact with each other, share ideas and provide assistance to entrepreneurs who are struggling at different phases of their businesses.

“Today, everyone is trying to get into entrepreneurship; since there aren’t many places where people can learn entrepreneurship as a proper field, many people struggle with setting up a successful business. Some face problems in the beginning, some get stuck with innovating their business after landing a good place in the market.

“This group will be a safe space to carry out healthy conversations and seek for practical solutions. Through skill development workshops, panel discussions, exhibitions, meet-ups and conferences we will move beyond social media and make this experience as interactive and exciting as possible for our members.”

What’s different?

“Unlike other groups on Facebook that restrict audiences on the basis of gender, nature of business, or registration, Bright Business Beginnings is open to all. Anyone interested in starting a business can be a part of it.”

Experts on board

“Sehrish Azhar, Founder Living Upbeat, Zoya Ishaq, Founder SHE, Saima Nazir, Trainer and Educationist, and Maria Rana, Business Consultant and Digital Marketer are some of the experts who will guide us on this journey.”

Popular discussions in the group

Right now, we are mostly talking about lack of motivation, fear of failure, everyday struggles of someone who has just started his/her business and why entrepreneurs should do some sort of market survey before launching their products.

- S.G