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M Saeed Khalid
M Saeed Khalid

  • May 02, 2015

    Corridor hype

    Those who scripted the PTI-PAT dharna of 2014 could not have foreseen the collateral damage it would inflict on Pakistan’s growing economic...

  • April 17, 2015

    Who will save Kuch Khaas?

    Islamabad, once a beautiful and friendly metropolis, has been in the throes of a slow rebirth with massive construction works for over ten years. It...

  • April 02, 2015

    A new strategic challenge

    In the midst of growing fissures in the Middle East, the crisis in Yemen has become the latest focal point for regional and global powers. The land...

  • March 07, 2015

    Business as usual

    Hollywood tells whoever wants to hear that there is no business like show business. Indeed the whole world has fallen for its make-believe...

  • February 06, 2015

    Life beyond talk shows

    The art of politics is being increasingly conducted across the media, turning ‘sovereign’ people into mere spectators. That is understandable...

  • January 27, 2015

    The US’ next frontier

    Barack Obama is a frequent flyer. That goes with his job as America’s diplomat-in-chief. In six years at the White House, the 44th president of...

  • January 19, 2015


    A week after the murderous elimination of its top team, Charlie Hebdo has boomeranged with the publication of yet another sacrilegious cartoon on...